About Us

About Provin Group

The Provin Group is a catering company in Sydney with over 30 years of experience, specialising in corporate catering.


The name Provin Group was inspired by the provincial regions and sustainable farms we source our ingredients from, to bring the freshest food and beverages to our clients' tables. Our famed hospitality always compliments office and corporate events, providing a reliable, experienced and punctual service for an amazing value.


Our team of committed, professional supervisors and service staff are fully experienced and ready to work with you to provide a seamless and enjoyable event.


The Provin Group is a Gold Licensed Caterer with a full catering liquor license and a proud member of the Restaurant and Catering Association.


Our promise to you is to provide reliable, experienced and punctual hospitality at a reasonable price.

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Our Clean & Green Promise

At The Provin Group, we ensure all our practices are environmentally friendly and environmentally sustainable.


Our disposable items are made from sugar cane pulp, they are compostable, bio-degradable and 100% recyclable. These are manufactured using less energy, and less pollution, generating fewer greenhouse gases.


The Provin Group aims to reduce tree-based paper and fossil fuel-based plastics through our purchasing power, and we hope you do too. Our wide range of products includes coffee cups, salad cups, cold drink cups, plates, bowls, trays, napkins, and cutlery.


Our Location & Information

  The Provin Group is nestled in the strategic location of Lilyfield, ensuring fast and effective delivery all across Sydney.



To discuss your particular event with our team, please,




Call:9564 1744


Fax: 9564 1825



Provin Sydney Catering Pty Ltd


ABN 67 283 831 940


Address: 96 – 98 Brenan Street, Leichhardt 2040



Monday to Friday: 9 am to 5 pm